Nicip 100 mg




Nicip 100 mg

Nicip is the brand name for nimesulide which is a Non steroidal anti inflammatory drug used for the treatment of fever and pain. The drug is a very common medication in different countries and is considered superior over other painkillers like paracetamol and other NSAIDs like aspirin and etodolac. Nicip 100 mg is the best variant of the nimesulide available in the market. Here we will be sharing little bit information about the drug which someone should know before they buy nimesulide online.

How nimesulide works

Nimesulide works the same way like other NSAIDs by blocking cyclooxygenase and reducing the production of prostaglandin in our body which is the main chemical associated with pain and fever in our body. Nimesulide is an oral medication which can be taken through mouth and once taken it is rapidly absorbed by the body and start showing its effects within 15 minutes.

Uses of Nimesulide

One can buy Nicip online to

  • Treat acute pain in our body: headache or muscular pain.
  • To treat Osteoarthritis pain in adults.
  • To provide relief against any menstrual related discomfort.

What should I keep in mind before buying Nicip online

Before someone buys any medicine with or without prescription he should be aware of the general information related to the drug like its side effects, interaction and any other important aspects of the drug.

Nimesulide Side Effects

Nimesulide if taken continuously for a longer period of time can cause various side effects in our body which are

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Skin rashes and itchiness
  • Liver related problem
  • Cramps
  • Blood Clotting

Nimesulide: Interaction

Someone should avoid the use of Nimesulide if he is going through any liver diseases or any problem related to stomach, kidney or heart. From various studies it is reported that nimesulide affects our liver, so anyone going through any liver related problem should avoid the use of nimesulide. Patients in case of having any condition or illness should always consult a doctor than afterwards consider to take medicine.

How much nicip 100 tablet can i take in a day

The ideally recommended dose for nimesulide is considered to be between 400-600 mg depending on the age and condition of the patient. Children below 12 years of age should be kept away from the nimesulide. We would always advise to take the medicine only after consulting the doctor in case of severe condition.

Legal Status of Nimesulide

Nimesulide is a schedule IV controlled substance which is available only on prescription only. Thus if you get nicip online or from any other source without any prescription, it would be illegal.

Where can i buy Nicip online

Due to the legal status of the drug, one cannot buy nicip online or from any other places without any prescription. Thus if someone is going through severe pain and considering nimesulide for treatment, he should consult a doctor first get the exact dosage in his prescription and then order Nicip online COD.

Process to buy nicip 100 mg online

Follow the given steps to get nicip/nimesulide online

  • Just simply type “buy nimesulide/nicip online” on google.
  • Various options will be there, choose the suitable option for you (depending on your need to budget).
  • Make the purchase.

Also while purchasing nimesulide drugs online we would like to warn you of fake medicine, thus taking it from genuine or certified sources. Also, if possible always order the medicine on cash on delivery.

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